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Attachment Focused Therapy


Attachment Therapy uses a creative approach to help parent/carers struggling to build a positive bond with their child. 

It is an intervention that combines attachment theory with creative arts and play therapy. The aim is that the therapy sessions will help to initiate change and encourage a stronger bond in the relationship between a parent and their child. 

The child with their parent/carer become engaged in the play and creative activities, facilitated by the therapist, which helps to build emotional connections in the relationship. This in turn helps the development of trust in the child with their parent/carer (primary attachment figure). 

The focus in the session is on the relationship between the child and their parent/carer. As trust develops attachment patterns can begin to change, the relationship can deepen and there is potential for family life to become enriched.

1. For more information about attachment theory please go to our attachment page.

2. To enquirer about this type of therapy for you and your child please contact our therapist to discuss things further.

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